I had to call someone for help after the fire

Several days ago, the two of us had a very traumatic experience.

The two of us have a single of air conditioners that you put in the window.

This is odd for myself and others because the two of us have regularly had central air conditioning instead. I didn’t believe central air conditioning was going to be a crucial deal. When all of us had a bad thunderstorm, the outdoor air conditioner took some pretty intense blows from the rain and the wind. The loud and heavy drops of rain hit the air conditioner and made a banging sound like a gong. When water began to leak from under the air conditioner, I eventually decided that I would have to put some towels down in order to sop up the water. Then the water was making its way to the electrical outlet where the air conditioner was plugged. I did not want the entire thing to catch on fire. There was a small spark inside of the air conditioner and I quickly grabbed the fire extinguisher to put it out. I tried to read the instructions as fast as I could, but I opened up the fire extinguisher and pointed it at the mess. It was easily some of the most horrifying and stressful minutes of my life. It made myself and others realize that using a fire extinguisher should be a basic safety skill that we know. Thank goodness the fire department offers lessons once a week in home safety like using the fire extinguisher and changing the batteries on the thermostat.


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