I had to spray down the entire Heating device

Recently I’m not sure how it happened although I have an infestation of bugs in my heating & cooling system! I don’t assume what kind of bugs they are however they’re small & black & everywhere.

  • It only happened after every one of us had a entirely awful storm, but we had a hurricane come through & pretty much everyone had to leave the section because every one of us were expected to have heavy flooding & potential loss of everything.

Thankfully, the disfigure was not as awful as they originally predicted, and my house was still resting when I returned… However I observed that there was some water that had managed to leak into my house & I had to spend a lot of time & money to get my house repaired & into a livable state again. It wasn’t a fantastic time. It has been multiple weeks & I thought it was all over, however then I started noticing I was getting bugs in my heating & AC system. I started to suspect that maybe not all the water was drained like I thought. I called a heating & AC specialist & asked them to come out to take a look at my Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system. There was no water left in the house, however the disfigure from the storm seemed to have ripped a small hole in the air ducts & that was allowing bugs from outside to get in & they were breeding inside of the air ducts & this is where the bugs were coming from. I was pretty disgusted when I heard about it because I still remember the venue of seeing small insects crawling out of the air vents! Now I assume how they got in there. I had to hire a pest control specialist to get rid of them just so I can love my heating & AC system again. The hole in the air ducts was repaired & the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system was mine once more.

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