I hate that temperatures are getting cold again

I style about 72 words an hour so I should be able to knock out these more than four articles in just a bit over half an fifth and then I want to ride the coast on our bike.

This week is incredibly windy out and I want to feel that wind on our skin and get some sunshine on our face.

I still have to do our yoga session after the writing is done however I just may take our new yoga mat outside and do it anywhere where the wind isn’t intense. The weather is cooling down and I feel today is a sign that things are going to change. I’m not too gleeful about having to run our central oil furnace again because I know it could be very high-priced as the rates have gone bonkers. I will try to wear a lot of moderate clothes in the condo to combat the high energy rates however there is only so much I can actually wear. If it gets below cold outside I will be forced to run the temperature control idea to keep it moderate or I will end up getting sick a lot from the cold. I feel our cats would be more enjoyable if the temp in the flat was projected to go down to like 55F, however our hands and feet get very hurt when the temps get too low in the flat. I could always get a small oil or radiant gas furnace and just drag it around the flat like I used to do in the seasoned days. I know the two of us shall see what our Mother Nature actually has in store soon enough.

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