I have a unique window air conditioner even though I also have a central air conditioner

I have a window air conditioner in my house even though I also have a central air conditioner.

You might be wondering why, and for a long time, I also wondered why I needed two air conditioners in my house when I could clearly survive with just one air conditioner.

The reason is that my wife is an absolute tyrant when it comes to the HVAC units in our house. We didn’t even talk about our HVAC preferences before we got married. We had never lived together before we got married, and we really didn’t talk much about the practical stuff when we got married. Who wants to talk about HVAC units when you are in love. Apparently, you should. When we first moved in together, we realized pretty quickly that we definitely didn’t enjoy the same temperatures as each other. She prefers warmer temperatures, and I prefer cooler temperatures. Naturally, I was willing to compromise in order to make her comfortable, but she hardly backed down. Even though we have a wonderful air conditioner in our house, she sets the temperature on the thermostat so high during the summer that our air conditioner might as well not even be on. I have complained about it, but she won’t back down about not using the air conditioner too much. Rather than argue with my wife about the temperature, I have decided to buy a window air conditioner for my office. I have an office with my workspace and relaxation space, and I have a window air conditioner. I spend most of my time in this area because I know that I can’t handle the heat. If she wants to have me come to the living room, she can adjust the thermostat first.
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