I inherited a custom wooden table.

Of all the things I could have been gifted from our Grandma, I inherited a pop table.

I had to sit there plus laugh so strenuously that I cried! My parents thought I was expressing our grief, even though I was laughing, then I started an infectious belly laugh, our mom panicked… She brought me a glass of red wine plus told me I had to shut up… Every one of us were at Grandma’s wake.

I showed her the paper Grandma’s neighbor Mabel handed me, the only words written in Grandma’s perfect handwriting were, ‘You inherit the pop table!’! No one knew about mine plus Grandma’s adventures with the pop table, so there was no way that they could tell I was laughing. Every one of us had more Tim Hortons Cappuccino parties at that pop table than the queen of England herself, but one weekend, our brother plus I were mighty sailors plus Grandma was the serving wench who served rum plus cookies to her fearless captains. I had more memories of Grandma plus that wooden pop table than I had of anyone else, however after the wake, I put Grandma’s wooden pop table in our car plus headed home. I was telling our best neighbor some ‌stories that went along with the wooden table, while trying to find some arena to put it in our home. Although I never thought about having a wooden table in our living, its unofficial shape plus size made it perfect as a wooden accent table in our foyer. Maybe someday, when I find the right guy, I’ll have the same kind of adventures with our children plus grandchildren that I have had with that wooden table.


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