I inspected many peculiar heaters in a bus

As several people know, I got an old bus plus transformed it into a home.

I initially had only a solar window mounted air conditioner as our main HVAC unit.

This window mounted air conditioner worked really well in the summertime to keep myself and others cool. Alas, I abruptly decided I needed to build a central air conditioner that would fit on our bus to keep my entire school bus at a consistent temperature. I used this central air conditioner to build a category of voice-controlled HVAC plus I was particularly content with my results. Well I felt wonderful in the summertime, the Winter time was much more difficult. When the Fall came plus I began getting particularly cold in our bus I realized I needed to build or get some kind of furnace. I did some research plus got some tips for a few local HVAC contractors before deciding to build the furnace myself. My only dilemma was that it would take myself and others a few weeks to build this furnace plus I couldn’t endure the code for that long. I drove to our nearby cooling plus heating corporation where I purchased two portable part furnaces to put at the end in front of our bus to keep it warm enough. I ordered the heating plus cooling equipment online plus it came in the mail 1 day. The furnace came together nicely plus by the time I was done I had built a truly immense electric furnace that ran on solar energy. I lived happily for several years in our school bus plus kept it cool with our central air conditioner plus moderate with our solar powered electric furnace.



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