I learned a lot while working on the documentary

Working in the film industry has always been a passion of mine.

  • Now in my job, I write screenplays and occasionally create documentary movies too.

This summer, both of us were getting ready to premiere a documentary that I had worked on too long! I was basing the documentary on the cooling industry and on the most successful air conditioning business in the whole country. The team and I had put in hundreds of hours following the professionals around. The air conditioning specialists did their offsite tasks and we witnessed how they work and how they interact with their clients. The people I was with and I would watch them all do their Heating, Ventilation, and A/C installation tasks. These tasks were the most complex of all the other tasks, in my opinion. The people I was with and I also talked to the air conditioning provider about everything. We talked about the quality of cooling systems and the evolution of the technology, too. We filmed the control units and how they were used and the types and brands that were available to them, too. The cooling system servicemen would confirm with the purchaser first. Apart from the challenges of it, the documentary was taking shape; This indoor comfort business was popular because of the quality of the services they gave. They even had a manual they shared. It illustrated the air conditioning repairs and Heating, Ventilation, and A/C service steps that the purchaser could handle themselves. They also had the best systems in the business. This included a ductless mini split, something that was acquired by the high-end clients. To witness how much this business had grown was an honor for me and I learned a lot while working on the movie.

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