I lost 30 lbs thanks to my personal trainer

I have been on a journey to lose weight.

Losing weight is my number one priority as far as my health and wellness is concerned.

My wellness and fitness journey is going to require more than weight loss, eventually, but right now my doctor says that the most important thing is for me to lose weight. I recently got a gym membership, paid for nutritional counseling from a nutritionist, and got myself a personal trainer. It is true that my gym membership comes with what they call personal training. I quickly found out, though, that what the body Wellness Center called personal training is really just a guy showing you how to turn the equipment on and off. Because that is the case, I went ahead and paid even more money and got myself a private personal trainer. The personal trainer did tell me that he also offers semi-private Fitness training, but in order to take advantage of that, there needs to be more than one person willing to do it and also goes to the same gym. Since I am a loner, I did not have nor will I ever have a buddy who goes to the gym with me, so semi-private Fitness training was not available for me. I must say that I do enjoy going to the body Wellness Center, and the biggest reason for that is my personal trainer. My personal trainer is a guy, not a skinny little girl, and that is helpful to me. I never have taken well to 19 year-old blondes telling me what to do. In fact I would venture to say that I have lost 30 lb thanks to my personal trainer.