I love all things HVAC

My dad has been working in the HVAC business for four decades.

He has a great reputation for being the best HVAC technician and repairman in this entire city! He has serviced at least half of all buildings in this city, commercial and residential over the years.

That’s how far the business has reached! I have been right there alongside him ever since I was 14 years old helping him with his various HVAC tasks and trying to market for his company wherever I went. It was a little odd, considering the fact that I was a girl, but I could care less about how I was viewed for being so interested in a mechanical, blue collar-style job. Heating and air conditioning is a vital business, and Dad always told me that if I chose to get into the HVAC business, I would never lack for revenue, that’s for sure! My dad received many accolades over the years for his work in HVAC, and he did indeed inspire me to get into it myself. Now that I’m 30, I’m well established as a reputable HVAC technician myself! I’ve worked for Dad for quite some time now, and needless to say, he is very proud of me and my progress in the field. I am assistant manager at his company, though I still go on calls to personally help people with their HVAC problems and give my closest neighbors excellent deals and the help that they need. Dad always says to endear yourself to the community as much as possible!


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