I love to be up at dawn

I really like being awake at the crack of dawn here where I live, and this is because the air quality is perfect at this time of day where I live! However as the day goes on the air quality starts to deteriorate, it is a really strange thing.

Sporadically by the middle of the afternoon the air quality is so awful that you feel like death warmed over, and if you have flu symptoms it could really cause some extreme health complications with breathing and such.

This is why I invested in a whole house air purification program for my home. I am one of those people with awful flu symptoms. Without this whole house air purification program I am not sure I would survive the entire day! The crack of dawn though the air quality is superb. Make sense out of that! This is how strange this part I live in is. You can have the most healthy air quality in the very early day but by afternoon you would never think you were even in the same place. I do not think why this is and it did not always used to be this way. This has only started in the last 6 weeks or so. It is very strange, but I am thankful that I have a whole house air purification program to get me through the rest of the day and I am also blissful that I work from home. So this way I can have fine air quality while it is horrible outside. If I had to go out to work, forget it! I would never be able to hold the job!


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