I love working on my house

I used to work in landscaping for a bit in my life.

However I had to quit because I found it was just not for me.

It was not the job itself. But because I was having to be around all kinds of allergens and I have bad allergies, it would really end up messing me up. The countless times I had to be in bad air quality while doing all that landscaping was not good. I ended up having to invest in a whole home air purification system at home because I got so sensitive to air quality because of the landscaping job. Today I do not do that anymore but I of course still have my whole home air purification system. That investment was a large one, but it has benefited me so much in the years ahead. Anytime there is general bad air quality in the air I need not worry about it because I have that whole home air purification system that really helps me along with things. Before I had the whole home air purification system I had a few portable air purification systems in my home to help with all the bad air quality. However it did not help too much which was why I had to buy the whole home air purification system in the first place. But ever since I have had the whole home air purification system it has made it so that I no longer deal with the bad air quality when it comes around. A modern day miracle if you ask me. I am so glad that I have it.