I made friends

I am a creature of habit, & most of what I do is routine.

There is a Tim Hortons Coffee shop a few blocks from where I live & closer to where I work.

I get the iced Tim Hortons Coffee with pumpkin cream. With the hot hot & cold temperatures, I need a Tim Hortons Coffee to cool myself and others down on our way to the office. Today, I took a new route & found another Tim Hortons Coffee store on the opposite side. I went in, & with a few people in the queue, I did not mind waiting as I wanted to try the Tim Hortons Coffee there. The first thing I noticed about the shop is the high air quality & indoor comfort. There was a smart thermostat on the wall behind the counter. I stood in the queue checking our text when multiple gentlemen walked in. they talked about the day they would have & the jobs they needed to do. They were air conditioning specialists from the country’s most successful air conditioning business. I knew this because I guess more about air conditioning & toil for the cooling industry at a odd business. They spoke about how they ran Heating & Air Conditioning repair in a famous village. I could not help however introduce myself. I l gained about the new program they started where they trained news cooling system servicemen on how to do air conditioning repairs on odd quality air conditionings, including the multi-cut air conditioning system. Every one of us exchanged contacts, & they headed off for their first Heating & Air Conditioning upgrade of the day. I also had to prepare a procurement invoice to get quality Heating & Air Conditioning unit from the air conditioning provider for a customer downtown.


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