I make my own HVAC company phone call

I had my sights set on this promotion for a very long time.

  • I was prepared to assume control of a regional office after working for the company for a dozen years.

I’d been inside this office’s commercial HVAC system before because I had traveled all over for the company. My memory is that I was up here for some sort of training. It was cold, that’s all I can recall. I’d never felt cold like it did, it was unusually cold. In the area where I grew up, the heat pump could handle any minor winter heating requirements. To change the temperature, I simply flipped the thermostat from cooling to heating. The heat pump would then quickly meet any necessary heating demand. That wasn’t the situation when I first visited this regional office, and I was so relieved to leave and return to the south. And I believe my stay here was under three weeks. I have been living in this place for the past three to four years. That’s how long I anticipate it taking me to fix this place, I believe. It was late last summer when I moved here. The residential HVAC system in the rental home I’m in is seriously out of date. Additionally, the need for maintenance on the gas furnace has been too frequent. However, the rental company keeps dispatching a handyman, and the gas furnace never really gets fixed. Well, I had enough a few weeks ago and made my own HVAC call. A qualified HVAC specialist was dispatched, and he resolved the issue. However, he informed me that the gas furnace is well past its sell-by date. I think I’ll start house hunting now that I’ve worked in this office for six months.


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