I need a lot of A/C now that I am pregnant

Your body temperature significantly increases when you are pregnant; You just guess hotter as well as are more susceptible to heat, then in the first trimester the early Summer heat made me guess a bit nauseous.

I knew as long as I used our gym’s fan for cooling, I would be okay.

I could still walk around outside in the heat as well as I didn’t change the A/C settings in our house; The hour trimester made me guess even hotter. My shed that serves as our gym needed air conditioner. I couldn’t sit to work out with a fan anymore. I bought a window cooling system as well as that really helped things out. I then detachd our home office comforter so that I didn’t need to change the beach house cooling system setting. I was then at the right temperature, but walking around outside was tough, even though I did take A/C breaks as well as that was fine, then now I am in the last trimester. I am a tepid beast; Summer is just about over as well as I am still too hot. I can’t work out with the window A/C anymore. It just isn’t powerful enough. I have to stay inside right underneath an air vent when I do anything. I also am down to just a bedsheet at night. I use our overhead fan as well as I have lowered the temperature control a few degrees. My bad hubby wears pants as well as socks in the beach house at all times. I can’t even poke our nose outside either. The temperatures are still in the 70s as well as that is too moderate for me. I can’t be away from A/C even for a moment.

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