I need a lot of A/C now that I am with child

Your body temperature significantly increases when you are pregnant, you just guess hotter plus are more susceptible to heat, but in the first trimester the early Summer heat made me guess a bit nauseous.

I knew as long as I used my gym’s fan for cooling, I would be okay. I could still walk around outside in the heat plus I didn’t change the A/C settings in my house! The minute trimester made me guess even hotter; My shed that serves as my gym needed a/c. I couldn’t sit to labor out with a fan anymore. I bought a window a/c plus that absolutely helped things out. I then removed my dining room comforter so that I didn’t need to change the home a/c setting. I was then at the right temperature. Walking around outside was tough, although I did take A/C breaks plus that was fine, now I am in the last trimester. I am a covered in sweat beast, summer is just about over plus I am still too hot. I can’t labor out with the window A/C anymore. It just isn’t powerful enough. I have to stay inside right underneath an air vent when I do anything. I also am down to just a bedsheet at evening. I use my overhead fan plus I have lowered the thermostat a few degrees. My disappointing partner wears pants plus socks in the home at all times. I can’t even poke my nose outside either. The hot plus cold temperatures are still in the 68s plus that is too sizzling for me. I can’t be away from A/C even for a moment.

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