I Need to Repair a Loud Ceiling Fan Today

I have this ceiling fan in my bedroom that isn’t balanced and is making a lot of racket while I try to sleep.

I think it just needs to be balanced with a quarter or something on one of the blades.

It seems like it is also losing its power because it has three settings and they all seem to make it move at the same speed. I guess the motor is starting to go so maybe instead of balancing it we just go buy a new one. My cousin has air conditioning but I think she has too many vents in the house. It gets kind of hot in this room so I really need a small fan to cool me down if we don’t get a new ceiling fan. Maybe we can also close some of the vents because I don’t think her AC unit or air handler is strong enough to push the air into all of the rooms properly. I’m not sure why they put so many vents in the house but maybe they know something I don’t know. I don’t think they needed to run the ductwork out to the garage but I guess my cousin asked them to do so because she wanted that room cooled as well. I wish I was here when they were doing the work because I could have told them that it may be a problem if they run too much ductwork with this small AC unit. I guess we can just close some of the vents if we need to.


Air conditioning technician