I received energy savings tip from my power company

I am a pretty responsible and conservative person when it comes to consuming energy.

I believe I have been doing my part to not contribute too much to the growing problem with climate change.

However, I guess I am not doing enough because last month, I received an email from my power company that my energy usage increased over the previous month. I don’t recall doing anything out of the ordinary that would increase my energy usage. In fact, I have been using my air conditioning less than I have in previous years. I have been using my fan more during the day, and I have adjusted the temperature on my thermostat to what is recommended by the Department of Energy. Well, the power company provided some tips on how to conserve energy. They suggested adjusting the thermostat which I already do. Another tip they gave was to avoid using the oven on warmer days and use a grill or the microwave instead. They also mentioned cleaning out the debris from around the HVAC unit to make sure that there is nothing blocking the airflow. Additionally, they advised to make sure that the air filters are changed and that I get my unit serviced by a licensed HVAC technician. Lastly, they suggested opening windows in the morning as well as in the evening when the temperature is lower. I guess I will try out the suggestions like using my oven less and opening the windows to see if that makes a difference in my energy usage. After all, I don’t want to continue to be part of the climate change disaster that we are currently in.

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