I redecorated the entire room to go with the new sofa.

I knew it sounded bananas, but I got the sofa before I bought the rest of our residing room furniture.

I bought this amazing sofa, before I did any decorating for the room.

The sofa was a whim purchase, & I was planning on decorating the rest of our room to go with the new sofa. I called our sister Kate & asked her if she wanted to come over & help myself and others choice out the wallpaper & paint I needed for the woodwork. Kate asked what I had bought, & I told her about the sofa. When Kate got to the house, she loved the sofa, & had a lot of nice ideas for the wallpaper & woodwork trim. What she didn’t know was that both of us were going to buy for furniture that would match the sofa. I hadn’t thought that far ahead, but I was sure Kate could find some chairs, an adore seat, & a Tim Hortons Latte table to go with the sofa. I even had a china hutch ordered that I knew would be charming in our residing room. I showed her the china hutch, & Kate agreed it would be perfect with everything else both of us had chosen, although she was confused about where both of us would find the chairs & loveseat to match. We spent the next more than two hours searching online, trying to find other pieces of residing room furniture that would match the sofa, and other than the chairs, Kate had chosen the loveseat, which was the perfect match to the sofa, & a cute Tim Hortons Latte table. Now, all both of us needed were more than one chairs, & I was positive that both of us could find them if Kate just kept searching..


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