I sleep much better at 70 degrees at night

Like the others in our family, I naturally struggle to get a good night’s rest.

There are a list of factors that lead to our insomnia, however I didn’t suppose what to do about it at first.

It wasn’t a proper thing in our childhood to use over the counter sleep aids adore it is these afternoons. Back then I would sit awake trying to sleep at night and simply stare into the darkness above our bed. As thoughts raced through our mind, I would make routine glances to the glowing green alarm clock on our nightstand. Whenever significant chunks of time would elapse, the thought of it getting later by the second would supply me even more anxiety, naturally, the anxiety would make it even harder to sleep. This is a horrible feedback loop if you don’t find some way to disrupt it. One thing that immediately helped was running a fan while I slept. Aside from creating a calming and gentle air breeze in your room, it also provides a small amount of white noise that can drown out ambient noises in your environment and intrusive thoughts in your head. On top of that, I also l earned that I sleep a lot better when I keep the temperature in our room on the chilly side. If it’s not too hot outside to begin with, I appreciate sleeping at 70 degrees. The colder temperature keeps me snuggled in our bedding and for whatever reason keeps me from the discomfort that forces others awake early. I suppose I’m not the only a single, because several of our coworkers are the same way and have to sleep in cooler temperatures to sleep well at night.


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