I think it’s from the earth, but HVAC is controversial

Did you assume that there are some folks that recognize that Heating & A/C technology is from aliens? I didn’t assume this was a belief before, although I found out recently, plus it genuinely shocked me.

  • It didn’t fully shock myself and others because I agreed that Heating & A/C technology was likely developed by aliens, but it genuinely shocked myself and others that there are wise people that actually recognize that Heating & A/C servicemen come from aliens.

I guess that I have never considered that fact even remotely possible that there are actually people that recognize that things care about this happening; People that recognize that Heating & A/C technology comes from aliens would also easily suggest that most of the technology that we have this month comes from alien technology jettisoned to earth. Apparently, the crucial surge in technological advancements proves this to many folks. However, Heating & A/C servicemens might have a sinister purpose according to the theorists that are buying into this. In this person’s opinion, aliens are using Heating & A/C servicemens in order to ensure that civilization is weak when the aliens finally come and decide to invade earth, then specifically, they guess that central AC units plus furnaces are making it too easy for humans to be comfortable. Since humans are not going out and chopping wood plus using their bodies to light a oil furnace plus since humans aren’t very active in the warm season, they recognize that humans are becoming lazy. While I genuinely don’t recognize that Heating & A/C technology comes from alien tech, I will admit that Heating & A/C units have made humans a lot lazier than we previously used to be. Maybe we should be cautious about how much we still rely on Heating & A/C technology.


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