I thought this a/c business was a good one from what I was told

Change isn’t simple and this was quite apparent to myself and others after my father passed away.

She had been my rock and always there when I needed him, as a kid, Dad left and the two of us only had each other from that point moving on… My dad never remarried though she dated a few times, and it never seemed like she got over my Dad which was a little heartbreaking to watch.

After private school, I had to head off to university and get admission for a school hundreds of miles away; dad had insisted I go there to learn to be independent which I later found out was the best thing she did for me. In my late 20s, she fell ill and I had to move back to the beach home to take care of him. Dad’s unexpected death hit myself and others difficult and it took time for myself and others to adjust to being alone in the house. I recall 1 morning when I woke up drenched in sweat because the A/C unit had stopped working. I wasn’t sure when last the A/C system had been taken care of so I had to find an A/C worker to take care of that. I got up, took a long shower, got dressed and went to call an A/C business I’d been told about. I had heard fantastic things about this A/C business 1 time when I asked an associate for a recommendation; but being so busy, I forgot to call them to come and service the unit… Now time had passed and it seemed the unit was failing due to neglect, then the A/C expert they sent did confirm that the A/C unit was failing and the best thing to do was install a new 1.

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