I want one too

When I went to visit my brother back east this past winter I was very surprised to see the new thing he had bought.

He got this really awesome electric fireplace that looked stunning! It really gave life to his living room.

And since this was the holiday season when I went back to visit him, he had the electric fireplace all decorated with holiday things. It was super nice. The electric fireplace itself was really great at keeping the entire front end of the house warm too. The central heating system was not even needed till it got later before bed time! That is how powerful this electric fireplace was. It was almost like a super large space heater. After experiencing and seeing the electric fireplace that my brother had bought I decided that I wanted one too! The only problem is they are over one thousand dollars to buy and I am not as well off as my brother money wise. But if I save up over the next several months I should be able to afford one for next winter. And that is exactly my plan. By next holiday season I want to have the same type electric fireplace as my brother has and decorate it and enjoy warm indoor comfort while giving my central heating and air conditioning system a rest. I have been looking into the different prices of electric fireplaces and I think I will for sure be able to get one around November, right as the holidays are starting!

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