I want to be helpful, but this is a problem

It looks as though I am going to be doing a lot of air conditioner and heating repairs for a while when I’m back on my trip here in the states.

I’m unbelievable with that because I sincerely need the currency as things have gotten so extravagant here.

I need to go out and buy an electric heat pump for my cousin’s central heating system and the modern price has gone up a lot. My currency doesn’t go as far here and it is kind of scary how much currency I just spent at the grocery store for what a small amount of food I got. I suppose my Heating and A/C contractor would have to go ahead and charge a lot more for repairs that I was charging only a few years back. I recognize at this point they were right when they said inflation has gotten way out of hand, this easily makes me ecstatic that I moved overseas to a cheaper country. It’s cool driving around in air conditioned luxury in a modern rental car however I don’t appreciate driving so it kind of negates the purpose of having a modern car. I just ride my bike around the village where I live in Europe and don’t have to worry about getting my a/c recharged. My main expense is rent and even that is at least half of what I would be paying here. I know my friend, who is a local dealer, is definitely making a lot of currency despite the fact that he has no free time and I may not even see him for the whole week that I will be staying at the house. Life has changed fast.



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