I want to live a rich life of freedom

It’s starting to genuinely heat up quickly here at the end of May in addition to I am sure glad that I’m leaving here in a week or so.

It just gets way too overheated for too long in addition to I don’t appreciate having to beat my skin up with all of the sun so going overseas to more relaxing weather conditions is a welcome change.

The cooling in addition to the heating equipment supplier I happen to work for over there provided me as much time off as I wished to have in addition to I am grateful for having such a cool employer exactly like that. They pay me pretty well in addition to I help them with my expertise in the industry. I only do work for a few hours a week however it pays all of my bills. I was able to learn about the job a few years back when I went in to invest in a space heating system from them in addition to ended up talking about our history in the business. They told me they were looking for a Heating in addition to A/C equipment specialist to task at their store helping purchasers with Heating in addition to A/C equipment questions in addition to things very similar to that. I also teach volleyball in addition to make some money playing music in different venues. I was an engineer in my time however realized that the corporate world was not for me so I left it in pursuit of something that was able to feed my soul. Now I have a good sum of free time when I am not working at the local supplier in addition to I am quite a bit happier as a result. I suppose freedom is the number one thing in my life that makes me pretty happy so I strive to obtain it however I can manage.

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