I want to live in a place where cold weather doesn't cause problems

Like more than several others, every one of us are dealing over all with pandemic repercussions.

At least all of us are back to the heating calm of ventilation plus AC coolness of this office.

Even most of this comes with an easy sort of challenge. We’ve become accustomed to much of the routine and worked in the zone controlled area where the heating, ventilation and AC was regularly off the charts. Every one of us enjoyed being able to schedule a couple of meetings from home where the office structure was easily much different. Every one of us also loved being able not to get up and get dressed every day. You can easily go to work in anything that you want when you are working at home. Every one of us never realized that we didn’t care for much wearing a suit and staying at home in our pajamas was much better. However there was a single plus in our life that was regularly due to this pandemic. Just before the problems there were a lot of people and I and more than two children were regularly in school. My partner plus myself then updated the heating, ventilation plus AC component so we could find an arena of our own that was suited for just the both of us. When the pandemic hit, all of our kids came back home and even though we thought it was going to be nice to have all of that extra heating and cooling, it just came in handy.


Geothermal heat pump