I was going to pour water on the fire until the Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional came running in.

One morning, I had a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning professional outside working on my air conditioner unit.

I was in the breakfast nook preparing breakfast for my kids.

I was perfectly aware that when you have a grease fire situation, you are supposed to either smother it with a pot lid or put it out with salt or baking soda. Why I panicked and tried to throw water on it, I couldn’t tell you. All I know is that when the fire started, I ran to the sink to fill up a glass of water but the HVAC technician happened to see me and stopped me from doing so. I turned the water off, put the glass back in the sink, and thanked him for stopping me from doing something foolish. I guess my brain was simply thinking, “Oh it’s a fire!” rather than, “Oh it’s a grease fire.” The HVAC technician said it was lucky that he just happened to look up at that moment and see the fire and come running to the house. Had I actually thrown water on to the grease fire my house may very well have burned down. Water actually spreads grease fires, and it would have jumped all over the place, catching many things on fire throughout the kitchen. Not only did the HVAC technician save my air conditioner that day, he also saved my house from burning down. I asked him what made him look in the window, and he said he saw a glimpse of flame in the corner of his eye. He did not see that I was in the kitchen, and he rushed inside to keep my house from burning down and me and my children from getting burned. I’ll never be able to thank this HVAC technician enough.

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