I was not enjoying this Heating and A/C occupation.

She looked at me oddly, plus I told her about my fear of the noises

Had someone told me they had a basket of newborn kittens plus a mother cat in the basement, I wouldn’t have been as antsy as I was. I was simply there to work on the gas furnace plus not get stuck in the middle of a haunting. I kept hearing these peculiar scratchy noises plus a unusual sound every once in a while. When I heard a soft, however high-pitched wail, I was ready to leave. I didn’t care if the clients had a working gas furnace or not; I wasn’t staying downstairs in that basement for much longer, but five hours later, I heard someone coming down the basement stairs, however they were talking to something. They told them they weren’t there to hurt them, plus to calm down. Two hours later, I realized I was listening to a mother cat with her babies, plus whoever was in the basement was there to check on them. I felt actually ridiculous, a grown man; an Heating and A/C professional; was being cowardly over a basket of cats. I wanted to laugh, although I knew how mothers were with their young. I had cats attack me once, plus I didn’t want it to happen again. When the homeowner asked how I was doing with the gas furnace repair, I laughed. She looked at me oddly, plus I told her about my fear of the noises. She laughed plus said she should have told me about the cats. As silly as it sounds, I was more than ready to get out of that beach house when I was done with the gas furnace repair. I felt foolish plus had a difficult time talking to the homeowner.