I was terribly unhappy with the service professional

I did not prefer his overall energy.

I recently made renovations inside of my condo and upgrading the air conditioner was one thing that was certainly the most aggravating. The heating as well as AC repair company that I was working with did not prioritize my business. It was a slow process overall to make all of the updates. When the company finally sent someone out, I was not very happy with the person. He was incredibly grumpy as well as very rude. He did not want to answer any of the questions I had about the new Air conditioner. The people I was with as well as myself definitely wanted to be well educated on this crucial investment and we felt that asking questions would help us if an issue with the machine came up. No more workers never mind giving us a small walk-through later during the afternoon but this guy just did not want to talk with us or work separate from a word. I did not prefer his overall energy. After the guy left, I asked the heating, ventilation as well as AC business not to send that person to my home again. Were they company love that, the repairs that a shopper make should take priority over everything else. When you want repairs as well as products to move smoothly as well as efficiently, it is important to have good shopper reviews as well as referrals. This company made zero effort to keep me as a valued customer and that really spoiled my opinion on the heating, ventilation in addition to AC company.

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