I was thankful the problem wasn't persisting

My mom turned 70 this year and we wanted to have a huge birthday celebration.

We invited 20 or 30 people that were friends and family.

The celebration was big in addition to a heap of fun. During some time of the celebration, the air conditioner stopped working. It was close to the summer season but it was not a crucial deal because everyone of us did not absolutely need the air conditioner to keep people cool. My grandmother was sitting outside with everyone and the temperatures were only in the 70s. The air conditioner was barely running at all and it was a surprise that it broke down in the first place. I quickly realized that there was some type of problem that I did not really know about and it needed to be an issue that I called someone to fix. The two of us contacted a proprietor to work on the heating and AC problem. Thankfully the issue turned out to be a problem with the refrigerant. It was low as the machine was quite old. After having the refrigerant filled up, the air conditioner was running again. Of course it took about 20 or 30 minutes for the whole house to get cold but every one of the people who were inside of the house and at the party were happy that the problems were finally fixed. When the sun went down, we moved the party indoors and the temperature was cool and comfortable just like we hoped. My grandmother had a wonderful time and now thanks she should have a birthday party every year.

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