I was used to having an unpredictable A/C unit

When my brother told me the air conditioning machine shut down again, I was not the least bit surprised. My brother and I lived together as roommates in a cheap apartment. Heating and A/C issues were common here. Only a month after we moved in did we experience the HVAC issues. Honestly, I have just gotten used to the heated temperatures and I haven’t really bothered to mess with the A/C unit that much. However, my brother is bothered by the HVAC machine frequently, and there have been multiple occasions where he has taken the window air conditioner apart himself, to see if he could try and fix it. Although he was following the instructions on an online website, it didn’t seem to help, and the window cooling unit went unfixed. You might wonder why we didn’t call the landlord, well we did but it took forever for them to send a heating and A/C worker out to fix the problem. It was really annoying and oftentimes we had to call 3 or 4 times before the landlord would finally send out a heating and cooling specialist. The cooling technician would get the window HVAC unit back up and running for a few months, and then it would soon crash again. I’m tired of dealing with it, but I don’t see the issue improving any time soon. My brother is really bothered by it, and is talking about possibly buying a portable air conditioner for the apartment, which might be a good idea.

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