I wasn't glad about going to the tennis match with my lady

My wifey as well as I went to spend the holidays with his family. The two of us drove 6 hours to an really odd state as well as both of us stayed with his sibling. I wanted the 2 of us to stay in a hotel, however my wifey insisted that it would be rude if both of us did not stay with family when both of us were gave. I figured that I would make the best of it as well as I hoped that I was just being overbearing, however unfortunately, my wifey as well as I fought for the first few nights that both of us were there, because I did not want to spend all of my time with his family. That was one of the reasons why I didn’t want us to stay with his sibling or his mother. I wanted us to be able to have adventures on our own. I wanted to be able to get up as well as leave anytime of the day without being concerned about someone’s feelings; My wifey talked myself and others into going to a hockey game while both of us were there. I wasn’t ecstatic about going to the hockey game, however my wifey’s nephew was playing in the game. The game was held outside as well as the temperatures were easily cold. There was no need for fake ice on the rink, because it was chilly enough for ice to form on its own. I tried to lay inside where there was a fireplace as well as heat, however my wifey came to get me. He said it was rude to lay in the heat because all the people else was outside. I told him I was feeling ill as well as I went to lay in the car.


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