I will donate my time and services to install the heat pump for free

I knew I could donate my time and Services

A couple of weeks ago, I responded to a repair call downtown at the residential lake house buildings. The residential lake house buildings are actually venues that are owned by the man residing in the apartment. The apartments are much enjoy condos. The seasoned lake house building used to be a school, then when the school closed down, the building was vacant for 20 years; Eventually, a real estate developer bought the building and turned it into senior residing apartments. Each 1 of the apartments has more than one kitchens, a lavatory, laundry room, residing room, and a small porch and Patio. Most of the residents are on social security or disability. They all have a fixed income. I responded to a repair request venued by 1 of the people residing in the building. I suddenly realized that the heat pump could not be fixed. It needed to be updated and the price to update the heat pump was quite significant. The owner of the lake house did not have the currency to pay for the fancy repairs. I felt unquestionably terrible and I wanted to do something to help. I offered to perform all of the repairs for free if the guy could figure out how to pay for the equipment. I couldn’t offer the heating equipment for free, because I am not the owner of the dealer. I knew I could donate my time and Services. I offered the guy the name of the distributor that both of us use for equipment and I told that guy exactly what both of us would need to complete the project. Hopefully he will come up with the currency necessary to pay for the heat pump.



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