I would have called someone faster if I knew it was that bad

My central AC broke down on tuesday.

I didn’t get paid until friday, but I didn’t really want to spend the entire week without air conditioning in the house.

I called a couple of different heating and AC contractors to see if anyone would take a post-dated check. Unfortunately, none of the companies were willing. I ended up waiting until I got paid on Friday to call someone about the AC repair. I spent three very miserable days inside of my house with out Central ac. It was very difficult for me to be at home without any cool air and it was even more difficult to sleep at night. When I contacted the AC repair service to make an appointment for friday, they said that there was someone available right away in the morning and I took the first available appointment. I had my paycheck in my hand and although I did not want to spend a couple of hundred dollars on repairs, at least I had the money in my hand now to get the work done. After a full investigation and evaluation of the heat pump and ac, I received terrible news. The machine needed to be replaced and it was going to cost thousands of dollars. I had to get a loan to pay for the repairs. If I had known that it was going to be that bad, I would have called someone a lot faster. I had to get a loan to pay for the upgrades. I didn’t have $7,000 in the bank to pay for a new heating and AC system.

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