I’m not certified in Air Conditioning work, but I manage

I didn’t choose to become a pro handyman, I just fell into it. I grew up in a poor family, as well as my parents taught me how to get the most out of everything. My family never threw away food or donated any of our used clothes. My mom would repurpose the leftovers into a current meal, as well as darn all of the disfigured clothes and made them current again. In other words, I knew the value of a dollar. This is why I taught myself to fix up anything around the beachside house that could break. I could not afford to pay a handyman, a roofer, a painter, or an Heating as well as Air Conditioning tech. So if I couldn’t repair something myself then it did not get fixed. I will confess that Heating as well as Air Conditioning repairs are not my strong suit, but I still know a few tricks as well as trips for furnaces as well as AC units, however since I couldn’t afford to pay a pro to do the job, any AC or heating system repair labor that needed done had to be done by me. After a while the word got around to my friends as well as neighbors, who asked me to look at their Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems whenever they had trouble. I was glad to help my friends for free, because I truly was not an expert in heating or cooling, but they always insisted on paying me something. After a few weeks it slowly evolved into being my full time job. To be fair, only a little of my labor involves heating as well as cooling systems, but it does come up from time to time. My true strength is in carpentry.

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