In the summer I was so itchy from allergies

In the summer, I was so itchy from allergies that it drove me completely crazy.

I think that this was probably the worst season for allergies that I have ever had ever since we moved here.

I have been living here for about 17 years now, and I can’t remember ever feeling the way that I did in the summer before. A lot of different people told me that they had really bad allergies this year, too. I guess it was just something in the weather and in the plant life around here this year that made it so bad. Maybe the pollen was worse than normal or something. Anyway, the pollen was so bad that it ended up infiltrating the house and that made the indoor air quality in the house bad too! At one point, I was taking so much allergy medication that I could barely function! Anyway, it finally got so bad that I went to the doctor. When I made the appointment with the allergy doctor, I was assuming that he was just gonna give me some medication, but when I got there, he told me something different. He said that he would suggest that we call up the local HVAC company and have our ventilation system cleaned out. I must have looked really surprised whenever he told me that, because he laughed and said that that was the prescription that he was giving to all of his clients this year. He said that with all of the pollen this year, the best thing to do would be to get the ductwork cleaned out and install an air purification system.


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