Is there anybody at our house?

I got to the home where our next Heating and Air Conditioning repair call was to be, but i rang the doorbell, but no one answered.

I rang more than two times before I realized the door was ajar.

I called out to see if there was anybody home, but I didn’t hear anyone. I could not shake the feeling that there was something wrong, so I walked in. I heard some unusual noises coming from where I assumed the kitchen was. I walked into the kitchen, and an old man was sitting in the middle of the floor… She looked dazed, and I could not figure out what could be wrong. She looked at myself and others and asked if I could call an ambulance. She said her fiance was sick. She pointed to the table where she sat with her head down on the table. She said she was so exhausted, she could not get to the cellphone, and then she passed out. I called an ambulance, and then both of us opened all the doors, everything I had l gained about carbon monoxide poisoning in Heating and Air Conditioning class was flashing through our brain. I called the fire company and the Heating and Air Conditioning company to get some help. I could not take the people out, because there was snow on everything. I ran up the stairs and pulled some blankets off the bed, and wrapped it around the people, then drug them to our repair van. I didn’t get to fix their furnace that morning, but I saved their lives with our quick thinking. I even got a commendation from the Heating and Air Conditioning company and the fire company for our valor, which I was sure anyone else would have done.