It actually was a success so I can't be mad

I had been trying an experiment to see if it really worked or if it was just another load of internet written bull.

But it was really a success! What I am talking about is using portable HVAC equipment to save money on my monthly energy bills.

The trick is that you have a portable space heater and a portable air conditioning system, then you use those in place of your central heating and air conditioning unit. Not completely, but say in the daytime if you are home you will run the portable space heater or portable air conditioning system wherever you are at in your house and leave the central heating and cooling unit off. This will heat or cool your living space for the day and because portable HVAC equipment takes up little to no energy, you will save money on your electric bill. The way this works is amazing. I wanted to try it out to see if it was true and I was so glad I did. Within the last year with trying this out I saved several hundred dollars on what I usually pay for energy use. I have to say that the energy savings tip I received online was real. And I am thankful for finding it. If I had not found that energy savings tip I would have had a lot of large energy bills this past year with how hot and cold it has been. I am very thankful for this. And I really want to tell everyone to try this method for themselves to see that it really does work!

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