It really was a success

I had been trying an experiment to see if it easily worked or if it was just another load of internet written bull.

  • But it was easily a success! What I am talking about is using portable Heating & A/C unit to save cash on my bi-weekly energy bills.

The trick is that you have a portable space heating system & a portable , then you use those in locale of your central heating & a/c unit, then not completely, however say in the daytime if you are beach apartment you will run the portable space heating system or portable a/c method wherever you are at in your apartment & leave the central heating & cooling component off. This will heat or cool your living space for the day & because portable Heating & A/C unit takes up little to no energy, you will save cash on your electric bill. The way this works is amazing. I wanted to try it out to see if it was tplot & I was so thrilled I did. Within the last year with trying this out I saved several hundred dollars on what I usually pay for energy use. I have to say that the energy savings tip I received online was real. And I am thankful for finding it. If I had not found that energy savings tip I would have had a lot of giant energy bills this past year with how warm & cold it has been. I am really thankful for this. And I easily want to tell almost everyone to try this method for themselves to see that it easily does work!