It seems like a bad deal to me

Honestly, I don’t understand for one second why I should even consider now working as an Heating & A/C serviceman when truly it seems so terrible, but now, I assume that there might be Heating & A/C servicemens that are reviewing this right now that are entirely upset with myself and others for even saying that working as an Heating & A/C serviceman might be boring, although I am willing to back up our statement.

I genuinely don’t recognize that now working on an Heating & A/C problem is a great task, plus I would never consider now working as an Heating & A/C serviceman for a major corporation… For 1 thing, have you ever observed where Heating & A/C units are situated in the home? Heating & A/C units are always situated in the most inconvenient places, plus that is where Heating & A/C servicemens have to work in order to maintain your oil furnace or central AC. These Heating & A/C servicemens get dirty plus uncomfortable now working on your Heating & A/C units each day, plus they have to do this every afternoon. Working on Heating & A/C units outside exposes them to the worst conditions that you can work in. Furthermore, modern Heating & A/C servicemen don’t even make a lot of money. As a customer, you might think that Heating & A/C servicemen make too much because of how much they charge you to maintain your Heating & A/C unit. However, the truth is that Heating & A/C servicemen sadly make a smaller salary compared to the rest of the careers in our country. All of this considered, I assume that I would not enjoy working as an Heating & A/C serviceman! Can any actual Heating & A/C servicemen tell myself and others why they care about consistently working as Heating & A/C servicemen?



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