It took our hubby such little time to install the ductless mini split

My hubby plus I have been married for 25 years.

I can’t suppose it has been such a long time.

During these years, we’ve raised two good kids who have now flown the coop. Since they are no longer financially dependent on us, all of us are making some swings, but for a long time, we’ve had to sacrifice to make sure our kids had the best. But, all of us now assume it’s our time to live life plus have fun. My hubby enjoys playing with his tools in the shed out back. This space has been falling apart for multiple years, so this year I decided to surprise him. He went away for a business trip plus I hired someone to redo the tool shed. My hubby was blown away when he came back plus I was happy to see him smile so much. The only thing remaining to make the shed perfect was adding air conditioner, but we live in a sizzling temperature section which gets even hotter when Summer comes knocking. My hubby would always make due with a portable A/C plus a fan to keep cool. However, it was time for that to change. I had gone ahead plus ordered a ductless mini cut for the work shed. It took our hubby a short duration to install the ductless mini split. His face looked like that of a kid with candy in his hands as he learn the installation manual. Once he was done hugging myself and others for the charming surprise, he whispered that it was our turn. I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves.


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