It wasn’t until I got quality A/C that I saw the difference

For most of my life, I didn’t realize that I was living with subpar air conditioning and indoor air quality. Growing up, my dad was very cheap with the air conditioning unit. So much so, he didn’t do anything with it when it broke, and even the few times he did get the A/C device repaired, it never worked very well and efficiently. The A/C unit was over 20 years old, and very inefficient, and my dad would never even dream of upgrading it to a better heating and A/C component. Also, the indoor air quality was always really bad as well, always hot and stuffy, and the humidity was high as well. So I thought that was normal and that everyone’s heating and air conditioning machine was like that. I didn’t start getting an idea that other people might have quality A/C until I went over to my friend’s home and felt the difference. Her home felt clean and the indoor air quality was easy to breathe in. I was amazed. However, my amazement didn’t last too long because we moved soon after and I didn’t get to experience quality air conditioning like that until I was an adult and moved out on my own. When I moved in with my boyfriend, I once again got to experience quality cooling. Since I knew absolutely nothing on the topic of furnaces and cooling units, my boyfriend was kind enough to explain it to me, as well as show me how to operate a thermostat. After experiencing the quality HVAC for a second time, I knew I never wanted to go back.


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