It’s always nice to get out of the HVAC and into the woods

Living where I do is wonderful.

And I’m right where I want to be.

After years of moving all over the country, that’s a really great feeling. While I love it here, I could do with last summer. But, that just comes with the territory. Heat and humidity are intense here and come with plenty of air conditioning. But that’s just part and parcel of living down south. What is best to be ready well before the heat settles in. I like to make sure that I get the air conditioning tune up for the heat pump in early spring. That way, I know the HVAC equipment is ready for the big demand of summer. Plus, that HVAC maintenance keeps the heat pump working at its most efficient. I like that because that sure helps me save on HVAC cooling costs. Now that I’m of an age and stature in my career, I get to control my schedule a bit more. So I try to get out of the heat a few times each summer. I tried to get to the same location on both trips. Those trips to the mountains is a great way to break up the heat and humidity of summer. I get to leave all that HVAC cooling at home. The trips to the mountains are worth the drive just to camp outside and have a hoodie nearby for the cool nights. I don’t miss the air conditioning on those trips. But when I get home, I sure am thankful to know that my house won’t be 100 degrees and HVAC cooling process is balancing the humidity as well.


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