It’s awesome getting free AC maintenance

When the hot season got started, I noticed our electric heat pump started to misbehave! It would be on at times plus off the next time separate from anyone shutting it off.

The actual readings on the digital control appliance featured were wrong.

Since the a/c specialists did the AC setup 7 years ago, I had only done a single tune-up. The reason was that I rarely used the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C appliance, so I did not need to tune up the appliance since it was off most of the time. The a/c company was running a sale plus discounts on certain goods plus services. I found this information from my good friend, who was happy to have bought his cooling equipment at half the price plus also got the upgrade free. I visited the company’s offices plus talked with a cooling expert who offered me a discount on the quality AC service. I would not pay for the tune-up but would pay to replace any damaged parts. This was the discount of a lifetime to be entirely honest! I booked an appointment plus left feeling especially lucky. The a/c professionals were easily on time, plus I led them straight to where the equipment was. They had just come from installing commercial a/c at my good friend’s office. The AC filters were filthy. Until then, I had no clue whatsoever I could replace them separate from help from an a/c equipment professional. The experts recommended HEPA filters because they are of better quality plus can trap even the most minor dust or dirt particles, thus improving air quality within the property. They confirmed the HVAC duct to be intact as they finished off the service. I ended up paying a little fraction of what I would have paid separate from the discount. I have been the company’s loyal buyer since then.


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