It’s hard to agree on the temperature control settings

My husband plus I have been arguing about the temperature in our modern dwelling for a long duration of time, although I guess that it is becoming much worse.

  • I knew that my husband had very crazy temperature preferences when we got married.

Although the temperature control might seem something like a legitimately unsubstantial thing when you are first dating, it isn’t. If you get married or live with another person, you are going to have to agree on the temperature of the temperature control. If you are unable to do that, it can cause complications. When my husband plus I discussed our temperature preferences, we came to find that ours were different, however not by very much. I liked the A/C appliance a little more than he did, plus he liked the heat more than I did. Of course, I liked the temperature control to be set at 71, plus he liked the temperature control to be set at 82. Although some may believe that this is an extreme difference in temperature for a dwelling, it was really something that I was willing to compromise on! Looking back, perhaps I should have stood my ground on the temperature control! My husband plus I have been married for roughly nine years, plus while in those nine years, the way that he sets the temperature control has really changed. He used to prefer 82 degrees, plus now, he prefers the temperature control to be set at 84. Although we had an agreement, he has changed way too much, although I have not. I already didn’t prefer the temperature control settings before, however now, it is becoming truly miserable. He won’t even talk about it with me. He sets the temperature control to his preference, plus if I attempt to change it, he resets it or gets especially mad.

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