It’s like evening & day

I can not tell you how satisfied I am with my new central heating & ! It is like evening & day compared to my old central heating & a/c method component that I had.

That thing was getting older by the day & it was showing.

The air flow was weaker than ever & it had nothing to do with not having my HVAC duct cleaned. Because I have my HVAC duct cleaned every 4 months. No, this was just the central heating & a/c method being old & worn out. I purchased a brand new & totally current central heat & component just at the right time! If I had waited another month or so my old central heating & a/c method would have completely died & I would have been in the middle of an Heating & A/C emergency. That was something I did not want especially with the awful heat that all of us are having from now through most of the rest of the year. I live in the southwest part of the country. Which of course is easily awful with the heat most of the year. This brand new & current central heating & a/c method is keeping me nice & cool in my beach apartment & I think better than I ever have in a long time. It was well worth the hell I went through to be able to afford this brand new & current central heating & a/c method right now. I am thrilled I did it.


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