Just couldn’t keep up with all so many rental properties

I own multiple real estate rental properties.

I own a few single family homes, and a giant modern home complex.

I also have a locale with multiple doors that is right on a lake, however each property has its own various pros and cons. For a very long time I was doing all of the work by myself. My brother Pat had tons of homes for rent and apartments as well. Pat would choose a lawn today and now all our property’s lawns. All of us would start on 8am Monday and not be done til 8pm because that is how long it took. For a while it was nice checking in on all our rental units, you could see who was leaving trash out in the backyard. We could see if there was damage to one of the units. Occasionally renters would mill about and chat with us about things. It was a great way to touch base. It got to be too much for our brother and I. One weekend every one of us just decided to hire everything out. All of us chose a lawn repair that now does all of our properties every multiple weeks. Pat and I use the same property management services too. Anytime a renter has an issue, they go through our property manager. I just need to approve the bill and spend money it. I don’t need to take the calls or worry about anything. It is more money hiring things out, however our stress levels have reduced considerably. I don’t get to see our rental units as often since lawn day is gone, however it is quite nice having that extra time.