Kid talks me into salon treatments

My kid was determined to get me to schedule a treatment at one of the high end salons in the city, but every time he recommended it, I found a reason why it wasn’t convenient for me, and i was reluctant to spend a significant amount of money on a spa treatment that I felt was unnecessary.

I wasn’t interested in making the one-minute drive into the city, battling traffic plus fighting for a parking spot! My kid finally provided a gift card for Mother’s Day with a list of prepaid treatments at one of the best high-end salons in the area… She made a reservation for lunch at my favorite diner prior to our appointments, but there was no way to get out of it.

The lunch was really fantastic, plus I constantly love my daughter’s dealer! When we arrived at the salon, I was pleasantly surprised by the open, airy plus comfortable environment. The people I was with and I were given a complimentary glass of wine, plus then we changed into truly soft plus costly robes. My Mother’s Day gift card included a facial, manicure, pedicure plus a massage. Each of those treatments took a considerable amount of time. I enjoyed every minute of every one. I’ve never felt so pampered plus relaxed. The facial rejuvenated my skin, making my face look brighter plus younger. The massage soothed away sore, tense plus slender muscles. The manicure plus pedicure were both pure pleasure. I was amazed by how superb my hands plus feet both felt plus looked afterward, because of this lovely experience, my kid plus I now meet up in the neighborhood for our salon treatments every week.