Learning more from a speaker

When I decided on a job in the cooling industry, our instructor advocated myself and others to attend as several conferences as possible to learn more about air conditioning.

I would participate in conferences where odd speakers experienced dealing with quality air conditionings.

Occasionally, the conferences would have practical sessions where the people I was with and I interacted with the quality Heating & Air Conditioning unit to learn how to do air conditioning repairs or Heating & Air Conditioning upgrades. I built a network of friends & professionals who were on the lookout for air conditioning companies who were looking for recruits. Within many weeks of building our network, I was offered a job as an cooling system serviceman. The minute month after I joined the business, the people I was with and I held a conference, & our boss was the speaker. Hundreds of recruits & experienced workmen were at the conference, & the people I was with and I all benefitted from listening to our boss. She had opened the business when she was just 21, & now it was worth millions. She created several jobs for professionals. The business has helped millions of homeowners improve their air quality. Its air conditioning providers have provided homeowners with several multi-cut air conditionings & thermostats & created hundreds of jobs for air conditioning specialists. It took our boss & her partners a lot of toil to build the business into what it is today. I would guess I had made it when I was given a opportunity to lead a conference & speak at it, however first, I would want to guess how to carry out Heating & Air Conditioning repair on our own so I guess how superb I am. I was determined to be the best in our field; to achieve that, I would learn from our seniors.
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