Let’s put an end to the danger

I love living in a warm and sunny climate, but it can draw a lot of hooliganry from the local youth.

  • When the sun goes down, the cool air makes them very rowdy at times.

They leave the comfort of their AC to find something fun to do in the cooler air, while the humidity dips down low. That’s when I sometimes have a problem with the “fun times’ ‘ they get up to on the local beach, where the cold ocean breeze keeps them comfortable as modern HVAC would. Just yesterday I was walking on the beach last night with our step dad and there were a few groups of people with bonfires going on the beach. I miss that because I enjoyed it too. But now there is also a lot more broken glass and rusty nails on the beach in our neighborhood and I am always cautious when I am playing ball on the beach. These local kids here get drunk and find breaking bottles to be fun each night before they go home and tend to pass out. I am going to talk to the local corporation over there when I get back to the house because he is friends with the cops and I want to see if both of us can try to do something about the kids who are breaking bottles on the beach. I really also want to see if both of us can put up cameras so both of us can find out which local kids are doing it and go from there to stop it. The guy at the modern Heating as well as Air Conditioning company told me he has some CCTV cameras both of us can go and install where the kids hang out so both of us can catch the culprits and make it stop. Then I am going to now clean our mom’s HEPA filter because I notice the air flow is restricted. Last night I woke up in a sweat.


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