Looking for the right home to call ours

My wife and I looked for the best beach house for our family for 6 weeks! We wanted to make sure that the house checked off all the boxes on our list.

  • We needed a giant backyard for the kids and we wanted a place that did not have a neighbor on every side.

We needed a garage and we wanted a place for the kids to hang out with their friends. We needed at least 2,000 square feet and we absolutely wanted and hoped to find the right locale with a pool. We met with our realtor every weekend and looked at different houses that were available. After we found the right house, we suddenly closed on the sale so we could move our family into the place before the holidays, and I absolutely wanted to have the pool running for the winter holidays. I called a special electrician to repair the pool lights. None of the lights in the pool were working. The corporation that took care of the furnace would not touch the lights. She said that I needed a special electrician to repair the pool lights because they were underwater. I called a couple of different electrical corporations and most of them referred me to the same place! When I finally talked to the right electrician, I was done with the process and overwhelmed. I actually thought about keeping the pool covered the entire winter instead of having the lighting fixed, fortunately, the electrical corporation had time to fit me into her schedule a few afternoons later. She rewired the lights and added some cool and neat additional features.


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